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F122 Chives
F128 Chives
F316 Buttercups & Vetch
F235 Morning Glory
F212 Spring Flowers
F167 Jewelweed
F4 Jack-in-the-Pulpit
F116 Bunchberry
F292 Forsythia
F321 Two Roses
F430 Rose Buds
F427 Rose Buds
F429 Peach Roses
F428 Peach Roses
F426 Rose Buds
F131 Nasturtiums
F67 Nasturtiums
F138 Geraniums
F142 DayLily
F223 Bleeding Hearts
F224 Lady's Slipper
F111 Crocus
F137 Impatiens
F222 Forget-me-nots
F190 Asters
F399 Lilacs
F24 Lupine
F227 Lupine
F146 Meadowsweet
F87 Morning Glories
F163 Morning Glories
F360 Sea Hibiscus
F9 Bluets
F396 Spring Collage
F325 RedRose
F324 YellowRose
F143 RoseCheer
F36 Peach Rose
F129 Rugosa Rose
F317 Iris
F488 Evening Primrose
F318 Poppy
F124 Pansies
F123 Pansies
F117 Lilacs
F118 Starflowers
F119 Phlox
F390 Moss Phlox
F490 Purple Asters
F295 Daffodils
F17 SpringDream
F291 Daffodils
F115 Wild Strawberries
F8 Wild Iris
F158 Daisies
F192 Violets
F139 Waxflower
F397 Lilacs
F147 Hydrangea
F136 Chicory
F135 Chicory
F140 Hollyhocks
F267 Swedish Ivy
F229 Daisies
F38 Cattail
F164 Barrel Cactus
F62 Queen Anne's Lace
F303 Trillium
F393 Tulips
F334 Blackeyed Susan
F336Summer Farewell
F484 August
F471 Vinca & Violets
F394 Magnolia
F395 Magnolia
F371 Hibiscus
F372 Hibiscus
F328 Oriental Lily
F375 Saw Palmetto
F373 Coreopsis
F359 Sea Grape
F369 Saw Palmetto
F375 Sea Hibiscus (changing)
F378 Western Lupine
F383 Eucalyptus
F380 Eucalyptus
F384 Oxalis
F406 Lupine
F404 Lady's Slippers
F402 White Lilacs
F401 AppleBlossoms
F403 Lily-of-the-Valley
F411 Lupine
F409 Azalea
F408 Azalea
F407 Columbine
F412 Partridgeberry
F420 Begonia
F416 Queen Anne's Lace
F413 Columbine
F419 Snapdragons
F434 Forget-me-not Land
F438 Hosta
F437 Garden Collage
F436 Columbine
F435 Columbine
F452 Pampas Grass
F451 Poppies
F452 Poppies
F453 Poppies
F455 Morning Glories
F457 Chicory
F461 Poppies
F460 Poppies
F462 Poppies
F456 Morning Glories
F465 Crown of Thorns
F468 Firecracker
F470 Hibiscus
F469 Firecracker
F466 Pink Hibiscus

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