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F188 Crabapples
F177 Mushrooms
F178 Acorns
F80 Burning Bush
F82 FallingLeaves
F265 Mushrooms
F170 Partridgeberries
F174 Halloween
F200 Jack-O-Lantern
F171 Harvest Night
F98 Barberry Catch
F263 Partridgeberries
F259 Hawthorn
F424 Changing Leaves
F85 Maples Fantasia
RF45 Snow
RF21 Snow Ball
F185 Indian Corn
F199 Thanksgiving
F210 Pinecones
F169 Jack-in-the-
Pulpit Berries
F101 Christmas Cactus
F90 Winterberries
F338 Berries&Cones
F425 Falling Leaves
F299 Signs of
F300 Signs of
F196 Thanksgiving
F194 Hemlock Wreath
F352 Starflowers&Barberry
F341 Pumpkins
F342 Gourds
F340 Gourds
F345 Indian Corn
F346 Gourds

F347 Rocks and Leaves

F349 Peace Lily

F348 Yewberries

F412 Pinecone Circle

F357 Bittersweet Wreath

F360 Holly
F274 Winterberries
F355 Firecracker Wreath
F356 Firecracker Wreath
F364 Holly

S75 Shell Wreath
F363 Winter Grass
F366 Winter Grass2
F367 Winter Grass
S74 Shell Wreath





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